The Farmer’s Market


At least once a week, I go to a local farmer’s market.  Living in Southern California, I am spoiled with getting produce year round and luckily I can get to a farmer’s market almost any day of the week within a 20 mile radius.

Today, one of my close-by and favorites.  Easy to get in and out of.  I know the vendors, where to go to get what to get.  Walking away, I realized that I’m stuck in my routine.

  • Strawberries for overnight oats…check!
  • Stone fruit for hubby…check!
  • Kale for dinner…check!
  • Okra for grilling…check!

That’s it?  REALLY?  What about the new vendor that had something I’d never seen before?  Or the mushroom guy that had a new mushroom?  Or vine-like spinach that I’ve never tasted?

It’s easy to be safe.  Have the same old things.  You know it tastes good, that’s why you go back to them.

But to continue healthful eating, you gotta get adventurous and branch out a little.  Otherwise you can get bored having the same old dish once a week!

My challenge to myself and anyone else who reads this…try a new fruit or veggi from your local farmer’s market this week.  Something you’ve never had and ENJOY!



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