Spin Away!

Several days a week, I get to spin class.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship that I have with that spin bike and instructors.

Let me paint the picture if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending one yet:

Walking in, you feel strong and confident.  The room is generally cool.  It’s slow-moving getting your bike adjusted to the right height, getting your shoes on, placing your water bottle in the best spot, laying down your towel on the handle bars…and then to a light spin to get warmed up.  Ahhh.  You start to feel good about yourself for getting up and getting to the spin class on an early weekend day.  You know that this will be a great cardio workout.  A sense of calm is over you.  Then, bam, everyone almost immediately is at attention.  A sudden burst of energy shakes the room.  What just happened you ask?   The instructor walked in and you know you’re in trouble!

The instructors vary and when you find a good one you’ll know!  They’ll deliver 60 minutes of INSANITY.  Love/HATE!  They typically start off slow, the music is at a good level.  The first song is about 3-4 minutes.  And your brain is still not in shock.  Okay, I can do this!  Then, with lights off, all hell breaks loose!  For the next 50 minutes it’s pure CRAZY.  Up downs, in and out of the saddle, push-ups (yep, on a bike) level 20+ on the gear shift, running 100+MPH, drill after drill.  Your entire body is pouring with sweat.  There isn’t one place on you that’s cool.  And most of the time, as you’re enjoying the workout (LOVE) you’re looking at the clock wondering when it’s time to go have breakfast (HATE).  You wonder if it will get any easier…and it won’t!  Just then, another terrifying drill.  WHAT?@!$%&!!  Again, this only happens if you have a good instructor, it’s their job to have a challenging workout in an environment to test you!  Every class should be more and more difficult.

60 minutes.  That’s it.  But the most challenging 60 minutes you’ll encounter during the day.  I feel great now, several hours after the class.  You’d think I’d be out of energy…laying around and that’s not the case at all.  I feel great.  Great that I pushed myself further than I did the last class.  Great that I worked off those Moskow Mules I had last night.  Great that I did something for myself.

Get yourself if you haven’t and get to a spin class.  It will be the best cardio you’ve even had and its low impact.  LOVE IT!


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