Ginger Water

Right now, cleansing is all the rage.  I’ve even done a 5 day long juice cleanse to try to restart my body (I would not recommend at all!!!).  Juice bars are popping up everywhere.  There’s also tons of replacement meal type cleanses as well.  I understand that the body has to hit the restart button every now and again, but there has to be ways to get the cleanse your body needs without doing something as drastic as a juice cleanse.  My other thought is if you’re living a healthful lifestyle…do you really need to cleanse or detox??

I know for certain, that I won’t detox again, however something I’ve added into my lifestyle is Ginger Water.  I drink it about 2-3 times per week (or after a night of wine!!).  I love how the ginger gives me that rush and the water is the extra hydration my body needs.


  • 3 cups water
  • Juice of half a lemon (about 2 tbsp)
  • 1-2 tsp grated ginger
  • Pinch of cayenne

image1 (1)

image2 (1)

image3 (1)image4 (1)

TIP:  Peel ginger with a SPOON if you want to take out the outer skin.  It’s up to you.  If find it a little scratchy to drink!
I picked up this microplaner for easy grating, but a regular grater is fine.  Just use FRESH ginger.

image5 (1)

image6 (1)

You can’t mess this recipe up.  If I’m feeling a little bloated, I add a little more ginger and lemon.   Today, a double batch to get me through to tomorrow.  This Ginger Water is great for when you’re trying to curb your appetite or are getting rid of the sugar cravings.

I do not recommend anything short-term, like diets or cleanses.  The way to sustain is to continue being healthful, make it a part of who you are.  Adding in something like Ginger Water into your lifestyle is just that.  Adding it in!  This is a way of life, not a diet.  Remember that!

Try it!  I know you’ll like it.

3 thoughts on “Ginger Water

  1. Just made the ginger water. Very refreshing. I’m not a big fan of ginger, however, this water is really good. I know I will make it often.


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