Healthful Coaching

Healthful Coaching Services

Congratulations!  Just visiting here, you’ve just taken your first step to healthful clean eating.  With a clean eating approach to nutrition, you’ll feel better, have tons of energy and get the added benefits of losing excess water and weight!  My coaching will support you in whatever your health goals are resulting in an easy transition to a healthful and “unprocessed” lifestyle.

I will work closely with you to develop strategies to ensure success.  This is a customized program that will fit you and your lifestyle.  Healthy Little Secret provides as much or as little support as you need, it’s up to you.  In addition to support, you and I will create meal plans that fit your busy schedule and will be delicious and healthful.  All homemade!

Let’s chat and get you started, yes?

Coaching Packages Include:

  • Initial consultation – identifying goals and challenges, food likes and dislikes or allergies
  • Food journal review
  • Customized meal planning
  • Shopping Lists
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Kitchen makeover
  • Daily Check-Ins (either text, phone or video chat!)
  • Progress reports (based off your goals)
  • Text support
  • Workout/Activity planning
  • Laughter, Tough Love and FUN!
  • And much, much more based on your personal needs and goals


  • How much does your personalized coaching cost?
    Coaching packages require a minimum of a 12 week commitment.  This will maximize your results and support you to create healthful habits.  Prices will range based on the needs and the level of involvement needed, from $200-$600.  We can easily work through your budget needs and remember I’ll be saving you a significant amount of money from wasted food.
  • What other coaching do you offer?
    If you’re needing something less 1:1, Healthy Little Secret will also support you in weekly meal and activity planning.  The cost will be range depending on the level of involvement needed, from $60-$120 with a 12 week commitment.
  • What kind of results can I expect?
    Results will vary depending on your starting point, and how long we work together.  Results will focus on health, energy, clearer skin, better sleep patterns, improved health and the added benefit of fat loss.  Remember, this is a healthful lifestyle, and not just a diet.
  • What kind of coaching can I expect?
    This is a personalized program to fit you and your needs.  I can be there every step of the way or just text you every now and again.  It’s all what you need and prefer.  We work together on what will work best for you and your individual goals.  No time to see me?  That’s ok, we will text, email or even video chat.  Whatever you need!

Contact Healthy Little Secret to dive in further and chat. Believe in yourself, you’re worth it!


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